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Representing Management in all aspects of Employee Benefits, Employment and Labor Matters

Retirement &
Pension Plans

Plan Document and Compliance Services

Voluntary Corrections Filings IRS and DOL

Reporting and Disclosure Obligations


Plan Audit Representation and Corrections

Mergers & Acquisitions

Employee Stock Ownership Plans ESOPs

Claim Management Represention

Litigation Representation

ERISA Prohibited Transaction Guidance

401(k), 403(b), and 457 Plans

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans and 409A Issues

Fiduciary Liability Management

Fees, Costs, and Expenses Guidance

Plan Disclosure and Reporting Obligations

Investment Policies

Investment Committee Function

Welfare Benefit

Plan Document, Summary Plan Description, and Wrap Plan Document Prep

Reporting and Disclosure Obligations


HIPAA Compliance, Policies, and Business Associate Agreements

Third Party Administrative Service Provider Contracts

COBRA Compliance

Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements

Cafeteria, Flexible Spending, Dependent Care, Health Reimbursement

Health Plan Design and Health Savings Accounts

Claims Procedures and Appeals

Health and Disability Plan Claims

Litigation Representation


Union Elections and Collective Bargaining

Workplace Harassment Investigations



Abritration, Mediation, and Litigation

Employment Compensation and Contracts

OSHA and Other Workplace Safety Regulation

Trade Secrets and Non-Compete Agreements

Union-Free Strategies

Wage and Hour Compliance and Litigation